Exterminators were called in for a bat problem at 2101 West 10th Street, but haven’t been seen since. Police were investigating the matter, but they went missing too.

Important: NO HAUNTED HOUSE this year. It was two years ago and this domain may be available for sale. To purchase this domain, reach us through the Contact page.
In the darkest regions of Antioch, not very far from where the wild things are, just across the wrong side of the tracks, in an abandoned warehouse, nightmares are brewing and the dead are coming to life.

Consider this your warning and do not come to this haunted house!  Your eyes can see straight – why ruin that?  Your heart pumps with a normal rhythm – this will alter that… You’re mind is clear with sanity – we’ll destroy that!   The atrocities that are rising up out of the muck and mire are no delicate creatures of delight.  They’re not to be toyed with, and they are certainly nothing to tread lightly or carelessly with.  These monsters are hungry, and there is nothing so delectable for demons of the dark as the taste of innocence and youth.

Recent reports of bodies missing from Higgins Mortuary have led to concern following recent sightings of the living dead in and around Antioch and Oakley.

It is said that the more evil a beast is, the greater it’s hunger for a young lad, and from what I’ve seen this is true.  Two children: one boy, one girl, around the ages of 7 and 14 have already vanished to the darkness of the void that is the Antioch Haunted Warehouse. They thought it was all fun and games; they thought their parents could protect them; they thought monsters aren’t real… but now they know otherwise.

A camera was found, apparently dropped along with some other personal belongings near the Antioch wildlife preserve. This was the last photo taken.

The miscreants that dwell in this darkness are straight horrors.  Mutant monstrosities breeding in disgust and repugnance.  Save yourselves – Do not come to the Antioch Haunted House!!  If the terror doesn’t destroy you, something inside will!

…But if you’re mad in the head, and you’re the brave sort who puts curiosity before your well being… you’ll find this nightmare:

2101 W. 10th Street, Antioch, CA 94509
Thurs/Fri/Sat, October 25,26 & 27 5pm – 10pm
$5 entrance fee to your doom.

Trick or Treating at the numerous booths while you wait.

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